What are your existing language skills in English or Spanish?

The program is an instrument that gives you a reliable assessment of your current language competence. Regardless of whether you have had little contact with the target language or feel at home with it, the test result sets the markers.

The levels are based on the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages, abbreviated as CEFR. It defines six main levels: 

- A1 Foundation 

- A2 Elementary 

- B1 Intermediate 

- B2 Upper Intermediate 

- C1 Advanced 

- C2 Proficient

Give it a try!

• any time save not finished tests 

• 40 questions for Level A Test 

• 75 questions for Level B&C Test 

• visual feedback for right / wrong answers 

• nice animations

• for 4 users 

• reset results for each user 

• display highest reached level 

• certificate with detailed description of your knowledge