Learning with style. iMCards brings flash cards to the iPhone and iPod touch. The way is free to learn mobile. The iPhone platform offers unique features and usability, and iMCards is integrated in this wonderful platform. Load free lessons from our homepage is a breeze. And flash cards are scientifically proven one of the best ways to learn. iMCards minimizes the time required for learning. Increase your knowledge wherever and whenever you want!

iMCards is based upon an improved system based on the work of psychologist Dr. Sebastian Leitner. This system takes into account the "forgetting curve" of our brain. It will show flashcards just at the right time for optimizing the learning process.

• iMCards is $ 5.99, full features

• iMCards Lite is free (no creation of own lessons)

• considers the 'learning curve' of our brain

• different ways to learn

• Flash Cards Management

• Group your lessons

• many options to adjust the app to your needs

• create your own flash cards on PC with PrismaCards (fully featured, Shareware)

• create own flash cards on PC with Freeware iMCards

• add pictures on iPhone

• import from csv/txt files

• Backup and Restore

• Share lessons with other users

• integrated adjustable timer for 'slide show'

• add, edit and delete flash cards

• integrated dictionaries - just enter the question and iMCards will enter the answer

• a lot of free lessons available

• additional lessons for different languages available

• lessons with audio response available

• Free Updates

Create flash cards for iMCards on your PC 

There are two solutions to create flash cards on your PC and transfer them to the iPhone. 

PrismaCards: Comes fully featured, including different learn modes on PC and synchronization of lessons on PC and on iPhone. The free version is good to transfer up to 100 flash cards in each lesson to the iPhone. 

iMCardsPC: Is free, no limitations to create and manage lessons. No learning on PC possible.